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Dr. Kim and Chris are an excellent team.  They provide the guidance and coaching necessary for a great weight lose program.  I gained a lot of weight due to a thyroid disorder and although never overweight before, I found it very hard to lose it without this program. I am only two weeks into it but have already lost a bit of weight.  I look forward to the whole program helping me to get back to my healthy self.  I would definitely recommend this weight lose program!
I have been so pleased with this experience! It was hard work and did easier over time. I  didn't really think it would work because nothing was working for me. It did work! I lost over 30 pounds from the end of May until November.  Now I'm maintaining.

I've always known how to eat and always exercised, but somewhere along the way in the last 7 to 8 years, the weight crept up, for me I'd say menopause and the stresses of life. I am so happy I found this program and the support at Healthy for Life!

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  Always there to help and guide.  I found the weekly check ins with Chris and Lilly allowed me to stay on track for another week.  I high recommend Healthy for Life if you are committed to really trying to follow the program.

Maintenance now....more later....:)
Ok, first off, I'm not sure this is the right business.  It says bellefontaine, but I went to a doctors office on arroyo.  But this is the only Healthy for Life listing and the phone number is right.

So I need to lose a few pounds for the summer and since having kids, it's been impossible.  I find this place on the internet and it's listed as medical weight loss, so I schedulled an appointment.

The place is nice. It's a doctors office and the place looks really nice.  (My doctors office looks nothing like this).

The staff and the doctor are very friendly and they spend an hour with me going over the program details.  Very thorough.

The program works primarily with appetite suppressants.  The diet pills that they prescribe just take away your hunger.  So you're eating much less than you normally would.  

I reached my goal weight pretty easily.  I didn't have much to lose, just 15lbs.  But it was much easier with the medications.
Stop here! Search no further! I have tried every diet that has been created and have wasted some good money. Granite, I lost weight on half of them, but always gained my weight (plus some) back. My friend told me she found this place on a Groupon deal, but I thought it was kind of silly. But then I saw her losing weight. I decided to try it myself and was able to join through a Groupon offer as well. My initial visit was thorough. Dr. Kim really listened and gave me insight to my weight issues. So far....I have lost 30 lbs and am still losing! I have learned so many tools to continue good and healthy eating habits that fad diets don't. The staff at Healthy for Life are amazing! They listen and have been so helpful and encouraging along the way. I am so happy I came here!
Ok, this place was a little difficult to find.  I expected it to be in a strip mall, but it was in a doctor's office.  It would make sense since they prescribe appetite suppressants.  
The program was pretty easy.  The first day they walk you through what they want you to eat and avoid.  They prescribe you the meds from their office.  The diet was easy to follow, primarily because of the appetite suppressant.  It just holds your hunger.  Most of the time I didn't even feel like eating.
The best thing about the medications is that it gives you a boost of energy. I started walking and even joined a walking group.  I've lost about half the weight I wanted to lose.  I'll stick it out for another month.  I'll hopefully reach my goal by then.  
Ask for Claudia, the gal that works there.  She's the nicest and most encouraging person on the planet.  She'll make you feel good even on bad days!
I have been trying to get about 25 lbs off for almost 2 years.  This program is effective.  The diet is no surprise.  Low carb, high protein, no sugars and lots of greens.  They encourage you to work out and get a good night's sleep.  The basics.  I believe the regular appointments help with accountability and Chris is a great cheerleader.  He is very supportive and pays attention to my weekly review on how I'm feeling.  He offers advice on different ways to mix up my diet or pills to help with hunger.  I feel great, I look great and I have already recommended this program to friends.  It is worth the time and money.
Bought a groupon for a four weeks of appetite suppressants, injections and counseling. I was very happy with the results. I had plateaud and was at a stand still. I was able to lose 15 lbs in one month. The office staff is very nice, and very helpful. It is right off the 110 highway which is good. Definitely a must try if you are serious about losing weight. You still have to work out and eat right but it makes it much easier!